• Cooled MWIR 640x512 Infrared Camera Sensor with Clear Thermal Imagging
  • Cooled MWIR 640x512 Infrared Camera Sensor with Clear Thermal Imagging
  • Cooled MWIR 640x512 Infrared Camera Sensor with Clear Thermal Imagging
  • Cooled MWIR 640x512 Infrared Camera Sensor with Clear Thermal Imagging
  • Cooled MWIR 640x512 Infrared Camera Sensor with Clear Thermal Imagging

Cooled MWIR 640x512 Infrared Camera Sensor with Clear Thermal Imagging

Function Type: Thermal Imaging System
Detection Type: Microbolometer
Output Signal Type: Digital Type
Production Process: SemiConductor Integrated
Material: MCT
IP Rating: None
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Spectral Range
ISO9001:2015; RoHS ; Reach
Transport Package
1 Carton
Wuhan, Hubei Province
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

Product Description

C615M MWIR is one of the HgCdTe/MCT cooled infrared detectors developed by Global Sensor Technology (GST). It is with the most popular 640x512@15μm spec for almost all possible applications like long range surveillance system, handheld thermal imagers, gas leakage detection cameras etc.

Its wavelength, F number and mounting surface can be customized, which are specially designed for the customers' requirements.
Multiple cryocoolers are available for C615M
MWIR. It is interchangeable with most mainstream products when configured with RS058 integrated stirling cooler. For applications that require compact design, small size and low power consumption, the C615M MWIR with RS046 cooler is an ideal choice. The configuration with split cooler RS046H is suitable for the design of the whole system which needs flexible space arrangement and strict size requirements such as handheld, UAV load, pod and other applications.

Main Features:

- Resolution: 640x512
- Pixel Pitch: 15μm
- High Sensitivity
- Compact Design
- Lightweight
- Low Power Consumption

Product Parameters



C615M MW





Pixel Pitch


Spectral Range

3.7um~4.8um MW

Working Mode

Snapshot; ITR/IWR Integration Mode; Windows Mode; Anti-blooming

Charge Capacity

9.1Me-/6.5Me- (ITR)

7.8Me-/5.2Me- (IWR)

Dynamic Range


Number of Output

4Up to 10M Pixel/s per Output


F2: ≤17mK

F4: ≤18mK

Effective Pixel Rate


Response Non-uniformity


Cooler Type


Steady Power Consumption



Max Power Consumption

≤12W @ RS058

≤11W @ RS046

Power Supply

RS058: 24V DC

RS046: 32V DC

Cooling Time

≤6min @ RS058

≤5min30s @ RS046


≤600g @ RS058

≤350g @ RS046


RS046: 122x46.3x82

RS058: 147x58.5x71

Working Temperature

-45°C ~ +71°C


Cooled MWIR 640x512 Infrared Camera Sensor with Clear Thermal Imagging

Our Advantages

Cooled MWIR 640x512 Infrared Camera Sensor with Clear Thermal Imagging
Customer Reviews:

Customers' praises are the affirmation of our profession and service.

Cooled MWIR 640x512 Infrared Camera Sensor with Clear Thermal Imagging

Company Profile


Cooled MWIR 640x512 Infrared Camera Sensor with Clear Thermal Imagging

Wuhan Global Sensor Technology Co., Ltd  is looking forward to be your reliable partner!

Cooled MWIR 640x512 Infrared Camera Sensor with Clear Thermal Imagging

Global Sensor Technology is the world leading infrared detector manufacturer and service provider. It is willing to provide customers all over the world with high performance uncooled and cooled thermal imaging detectors and share its professional application experience. 

Global Sensor Technology is located at Optics Valley, China. The company covers an area of 30 thousand square meters with 20 thousand square meters clean room settled for its three 8 inch fabrication lines. Thanks to the innovative and experienced staff, advanced fabrication facilities, and cutting-edge technique level, all key fabrication processes such as element purification, epitaxy growth, chip tape-out and fabrication, vacuum packaging can be done in house. The company successfully launched state-of-the-art VOx uncooled detectors, MCT and T2SL cooled detectors with full intellectual property. The product portfolio covers many different array formats, various pixel size and multiple spectral band combination, all products with high thermal sensitivity and reliability.

GST IR detectors have been widely used in thermography, security & surveillance, personal vision, automotive and consumer infrared products. The volume production capability of GST enables it to meet the growing demand from all existing and emerging markets. 




Cooled MWIR 640x512 Infrared Camera Sensor with Clear Thermal Imagging




1.What is infrared thermal imaging?

Infrared thermal imaging is a method of using infrared radiation and thermal energy to gather information about objects, in order to formulate images of them, or get temperature information of the objects, even in low visibility environments.

2.What is thermography?

Thermography is a non-invasive diagnostic method, based on object surface temperature detection. The infrared (IR) radiation emitted from an object is recorded and visualised in the form of a temperature distribution map. The infrared thermal image can be used to determine; structural defects, electrical faults, mechanical faults, physiological changes in people & animals, and much more.

3.What is the advantage of infrared thermal imaging?

---See through total darkness;
---Identification under camouflage;
---Long range detection;
---Heat distribution detection;
---Non-contact temperature measurement;
---Occupation awareness

4.What is infrared detector/thermal imaging sensor?

Infrared waves cannot be seen with the human eye. Infrared detector/thermal imaging sensor is an optical-electrical device to react to infrared radiation and thermal energy and convert it into electrical signal and then output visible thermal images.

5.What is the difference between uncooled and cooled IR detectors?
There are currently two types of infrared thermal imaging sensors on the market, cooled and uncooled.
Uncooled IR detectors operate at ambient temperature.  It is based on semi-conductor industry and thus usually can be fabricated in big volume with small size and low cost. Uncooled IR detectors are widely used in portable/handheld/mobile devices.
Cooled IR detectors are packaged in a unit that keeps them at an extremely low temperature which shall be supported by a cyrocooler. They are much bigger, more expensive and less reliable than uncooled sensors, mainly due to the complex cooling systems they require. However, the cooled systems are incredibly sensitive and usually work with long focal length optics to achive long range mission.
knowing the conditions in which the IR detectors will be used is crucial to making the right choice.

6.What is thermal imaging module?

A thermal imaging module usually consists of an infrared detector, infrared lens and hardware electronics with software and algorithm embeded. It is the minimum unit of a thermal imaging device.

7.What is NETD?

NETD referrs to "Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference". It is a measure for how well a thermal imaging detector is able to distinguish between very small differences in thermal radiation in the image. NETD is typically being expressed in milli-Kelvin (mK). Usually the lower the NETD figure is , the higher the thermal sensitivity indicates.

8.What is SWaP3?

SWaP3 refers to size, weight, power, performance and price. It indicates the technology trend of infrared industry.

9.What is DRI?

DRI usually refers detection, recognition and indentification distance of a thermal imaging system. It is a crutial parameter to judge the performance of the thermal imaging system. 

10.What is WLP? What's the advantage of WLP?

WLP refers to wafer level package. Together with metal package, ceramic package, they are the 3 main package formats of uncooled infrared detectors. Wafer level packaging (WLP) is the process of completing high vacuum packaging directly on the entire MEMS wafer, then scribing  and cutting to make a single infrared detector. WLP IR detectors are just designed to meet the miniaturization and low cost requirement in the application of infrared technology to consumer electronics market. Global Sensor Technology, with volume fabrication capability, is now offering a variety of WLP infrared module solutions to boost more new applications of emerging markets.

11.What are the key considerations on an infrared detector/module for your application?

---The detector resolution
---The pixel size
---The NETD
---The image quality
---The lens options
---The power consumption
---The size and weight
---The mechanical & electrical interface
---The budget

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